Washington DC – March 17, 24 & 25 – Whitehouse – Dickinson

Announcing two workshops by Maggy Whitehouse!

Workshop 1, Saturday March 17th:

Kabbalah: Cosmic Consciousness
A one-day workshop with Maggy Whitehouse, author of Total Kabbalah, The Illustrated History of Kabbalah and Prosperity Teachings of the Bible Made Easy.

But how do we live a conscious life? How can we become a clear reflection of God?

The Kabbalistic teachings of the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder can help us to discern our levels of consciousness and what our own particular path may be to reflect the Divine on Earth.

The workshop will be in two halves:.
Conscious Living: We will look at the vegetable, animal and human soul as depicted on the Tree of Life and discover how to perceive each level within us. We will examine our relationship with the Holy One and how our ego’s early training and our projections can colour a whole lifetime.

Conscious Dying: In the process of death, the human soul detaches from the body through the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire in turn. The process of dying to the ego is similar. Learning how to die consciously while still alive is a powerful path of self-realisation which will bring us closer to our Divine Source. It will also be of incredible healing power in our experience of the physical death of those we love and at the time of our own transition to the heavens.

Maggy Whitehouse is a minister in an independent sacramental church and Spiritual Care Advisor at St. Mary’s Hospice, England. She specializes in interpreting ancient Kabbalistic knowledge in a way that is practical and helpful in the modern world. Maggy has studied with Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi for 20 years and is the author of 16 books on Kabbalah and spirituality. She is a tutor for the UK Interfaith Seminary and a former journalist with the BBC World Service.

Venue: Sharon Masonic Temple, 999 Balls Hill Road, McLean, Va. 22101.

9.30am to 4.30pm each day.

Workshop 2, Saturday March 24th & Sunday March 25th:

Consciously Creating Your Own Personal Tree of Life (or Jacob’s Ladder)
A unique opportunity to take part in a two-day contemplation and artwork seminar for students and teachers of Kabbalah.

Not only will the weekend give you a piece of artwork to cherish, just creating it will be a workshop of self-knowledge and development. Learn which aspects of the Tree of Life are your strengths and weaknesses as you paint. Your Jacob’s Ladder also has its own mystical way of showing you your inner self. Please note: you can make either a Tree or a Ladder but not both!
The day is facilitated by Peter Dickinson and Rev. Maggy Whitehouse. Peter and Maggy have studied the Toledano Tradition with Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi for over 20 years. Peter is Halevi’s publisher. Maggy is a minister in an Independent Sacramental Church, a Bible theologian and historian and the author of 16 books including Total Kabbalah, Prosperity Teachings of the Bible Made Easy and The Illustrated History of Kabbalah.

Venue: Sharon Masonic Temple, 999 Balls Hill Road, McLean, Va. 22101.

9.30am to 4.30pm each day.

 Cost: $100.

Day One.
This is essentially an exercise on the contemplative aspect of technical drawing. We will draw in pencil (later going over in pen) the basic layout of the Tree or Ladder and paint the background. It doesn’t sound like much but it is a spiritual and physical exercise in accuracy, self-discovery and patience!

Day Two.
Today the colours are added to flesh out the psyche or the Universe. The student may start to add the various notations for the Sefirot, paths and the top of the Tree. The final exercise will be to insert the gold or silver circles around the Sefirot.

Provided: Board, canvas, masking tape, dowel, paint, brushes, compasses, gold or silver pen.
Each student should provide his/her own pencil, black felt pen, ruler and eraser.

Early booking is essential for both workshops. A maximum of 25 places are available for the Tree/Ladder-making workshop. Please contact Christopher Camp (via pgd@treeoflifepublishing.co.uk) for full details and to book your place.