WARREN’S NEW BOOK IS AVAILABLE HERE!–Kabbalistic Contemplations

Themes for Consideration

Author: Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi

Contemplation is a working method for expanding the mind and deepening one’s understanding of Existence. Kabbalistic diagrams set out a metaphysical framework. As well as considering the macrocosmic aspects of the universe, we focus on the crucial role of humanity in terms of religion, psychology, astrology, and schools of the soul. Each topic is a basis for further contemplation in both individual and group work.

Due to the Covid uncertainty, there will not be a public memorial event (21st September 2021) this year. However, this book and a new video will commemorate Warren as well as the written and oral aspects of his teaching. The book contains many of Warren’s favourite themes from a cosmic to a human scale.

The book is now available through a global distribution network: please order from your local book store, from Amazon, or directly from the Kabbalah Society website’s bookshop. Please click here.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Warren writing his first Kabbalah book, The Tree of Life, and the beginning of his first Kabbalah group in 1971. This is a good time to reflect on his legacy.

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