Triad Of Feeling

Selected for use with the Transformation theme.

3 Columns of the Tree and Seven Steps

Selected for use with the Transformation theme.


Shown at the memorial for Halevi, attended by many of his students from around the world.

Ladder of Self Realization

Halevi explains the Ladder of Self Realization/Humanity.

Personal Study Room

Halevi in his study and discussing his Wall of Contemplation.

Psychological Tree

Halevi describes the Psychological Tree

Time – Passing Show

Time – Cosmic Scale

Time – In and out of Time

Group Altar

The altar for Halevi’s weekly study group

Early Training

Halevi discusses his early training and discovering the “Great Tree” or Jacob’s Ladder

Explains Tree of Life

The Tree of Life principles

Tiferet: Place of the Self

Discussing Tiferet, the place of the Self, on the Tree of Life

Toledano Teachings

Halevi explains why he calls his particular Kabbalah teachings the Toledano Tradition.

About – His Ancestors

Halevi’s family background

About – His Background

Early Years


What does it mean to be “Awake”?


“This Work is about creativity”

Fate and Destiny

Halevi discusses fate and destiny.

Four Worlds

Basic introduction to the Four Worlds, lecture at Hawkwood College