Themes for Contemplation and Meditation

Theme for February, 2024: The Tree of Life
Theme for May 2023 The Psyche
Theme for February 2023: Ladder of Humanity
Theme for November 2022: Fate and Destiny
Theme for August 2022: The Four Worlds
Theme for May 2022: Time

Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi left a rich legacy which continues to grow in both individual and group work worldwide.

One of Halevi’s teaching methods was to give his study group different themes and exercises. Contemplating and meditating on specific topics combined theory and practice into a deeper understanding of the kabbalistic tradition.

This section is arranged into various themes for contemplation and meditation; for example, Time was often the focus of discussion. Other themes from the storehouse of archive material (video, audio, meditations, and articles) is posted quarterly.

About the Material


A large part of Halevi’s oral teaching came in responding to students’ questions. Such group discussions sometimes covered topics that were not written down in books. These questions and answers articles are compiled from group and workshop recordings over the years to give insights into Kabbalah as a living tradition.


Halevi was trained in visual arts and often used to quote ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’. Consequently, one video is worth even more as it also demonstrates the way of his teaching beyond the words. These videos were recorded at residential Summer Schools as well as private interviews.


Halevi used guided meditations to give his students experiences of the Higher Worlds as well as exploring the psychological Tree of Life in a symbolic form. When the sound quality of the original recording was not good enough for online publishing, the meditation was transcribed and rerecorded by his students. These meditations transmit the spontaneous quality of the Way of the Heart.

Essential Kabbalistic themes from the storehouse of archive material (video, audio, meditations, and articles) will be posted quarterly.