The First Temple, Lectures by Author Margaret Barker, 26 Feb, 26 March, 30 April

THE  FIRST TEMPLE, Lectures by Author Margaret Barker 

A series of talks by Dr Margaret Barker looking at First Temple (957-586 BC) Theology. Each talk will be followed by a discussion using the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with Marie-Elsa Bragg. Online on Zoom

In these talks we will explore the geometry of the First Temple and the teachings that generations (both Jewish and Christian) fought hard to keep alive. At the end of each talk Margaret and Marie-Elsa will discuss the ideas including how they might apply to the later Cordovero / Halevi line of Jacob’s Ladder.

1. Different Levels of the First Temple – 26 Feb 2023 4-5.30pm London time

2. Parallelism in the Tree of Life and Our Lady of the First Temple – 26 March 2023 4-5.30pm London time

3. The Mystical Ascent – 30 April 2023 4-5.30pm London time

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