United States

The Kabbalah Society regularly updates the study group list; if your group is not listed or you need to make changes to the current information please contact us. contact@kabbalahsociety.org

Redwood City, California (Near San Francisco)
Weekly Kabbalah School, workshops and training.
Megan Wagner, PhD & Jim Larkin, Mdiv

Hamden, Connecticut
Stan Friedman

Salina, Kansas
Twice monthly (to include a beginners’ group) – except during summer months
Gerald Gillespie
ggill_tif22@yahoo.com  geraldg@kwu.edu

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Bi-weekly Wednesdays – 19:00 hrs
Class and discussion subject matter can be made specific to the interests of those attending. Some of the proposed themes include:
I. Introduction to understanding The Tree, (for example, in part)
a. The Four Worlds
b. The Three Pillars
c. The Upper and Lower Faces
d. The intersection and overlay of Upper and Lower Worlds
II. A Concentration Meditation of The Ten (+1) Sefirot
III. Halevi’s Four Guided Meditations, with review and discussion
IV. An exercise in Action for construction of one’s own scroll image of The Tree
V. Analysis/discussion of current situations as defined by the operating principles of The Tree
Plus, Kabbalistic Psychology & Astrology – consultations and mentoring
Paul Anderson

Shelly West, M.A., L.L.P

(517) 331-3021

Columbia, Missouri
Meetings: Scheduled Sundays (please text for scheduled meeting Sundays)
Tom Williams
573-356-6907 (Text only please)

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Weekly, Thursdays: 19:30 – 21:30 hrs.
(Both a Beginner’s and Advanced Group)
Steve Russell
PO Box 8917
Santa Fe, NM 87504-8917
(505) 570-7144

Boone, North Carolina
Every week: Thursday 8-9:30 pm.  Saturdays 8:30-10 pm.
Karen Brown

Baltimore, MD – Washington, DC Region
3407 Parkside Drive
Baltimore, MD 21214-3423
Rev. Christopher Camp MA