Cuernavaca & Mexico City

Kabbalah meetings in Cuernavaca City – Every Thursday

Kabbalah workshops in México City – Every third Sunday of each month

Blanca Rosa Domínguez (Founder)
52 777 317 08 31
Please see our multimedia section where you will find meditations and presentations with different themes of the Kabbalah.

You Tube: Kabbalah Society México (various).

List of printed & e-books of Z´ev ben Shimon Halevi in Spanish can be found on the website.

Jorge Dominguez
Kabbalah meetings in México City ­– Every Wednesday

Cuernavaca Morelos

Sergio Angel Beltran
Bosque de Inglaterra #18
Bosque de Aragon

+52 01 777 244 1090
+52 777 272 3358