Patterns of Creation–10-Week Online Course–April 14th-June 30th, 2021

Patterns of Creation
Logos and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John
by Stephen Pope

Weekly two-hour sessions via Zoom with Stephen Pope BD MA
co-hosted by Rev Dr Megan Wagner

This course illuminates the spiritual teachings in the Greek-Aramaic text of the Gospel of John, so that they become, for you, the living reality that is beyond their symbols.

Stephen and Megan will help you to experience the spiritual truths contained within the original Greek-Aramaic Gospel for yourself, taking you beyond the everyday, unconscious mind, into your eternal essence.

This formless, eternal essence, which exists within the heart of every human being, is called Logos in John’s Gospel, and usually translated as Word: Eternal Presence that contains and connects every living thing within the great circle of life.

We will explore Stephen’s fresh translations from Greek and Aramaic, look at the roots of the Gospel teachings in the original Biblical Hebrew texts and realize the profound spiritual truths contained within its rich symbolic language and sacred geometry of the Tree of Life.
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