New Dutch Book Release – Kabbalah – Gates of Knowledge by Gila Gerzon

Kabbalah – Gates of Knowledge by Gila Gerzon

A new kabbalah book written in the sphere of the Toledano School has been published in The Netherlands. As it is in Dutch, it will be of interest to Dutch and Belgian kabbalists.

Release information for January 13, 2018 Flyer

Written by Gila Gerzon, a kabbalah tutor for many years, the book delves into the nature of esoteric schools and the history of kabbalah, its literature and its metaphysics. It includes abstract, philosophical passages, practical suggestions for one’s conduct and studies and devotional texts such as original invocations and descriptions of the path of prayer. Much attention is given to the various kabbalistic meditation methods and the inner processes that these evoke.

An English translation is in progress.
The book can be ordered through bookstores and, and
Kabbalah – Poorten van Kennis Isbn 9789048442904