March 4th 2018 – London – KABBALISTIC HERO´S JOURNEY

Gonzalo Simon

March 4th 2018
2.30 – 4.30


We are going to explore, in Kabbalistic terms, the four phases of the hero’s journey. The presentation is linked to the novel THE CALLING, written by Gonzalo Simon.

First comes a life determined by others from the pre-natal contract, birth and the formation of the ego to the conditioning of thoughts, feelings, actions and ideas from family and community.

The second phase is pilgrimage. After a moment of truth in which the hero decides to individuate, the pilgrimage begins. He or she learns about life while developing strengths and facing weaknesses. Many tests and temptations have to be faced but always the invisible teachers are watching and guiding.

The third phase is self determination. The hero experiences the transpersonal world of the spirit and is given the opportunity to enter a school of the soul and make contact with his or her inner guide.

In the last phase of the journey the hero enters the world of the spirit, passing beyond time and space to touch the eternal world of divinity in an experience of illumination.

Gonzalo Simon is a writer and a Kabbalist who lives in Toledo, Spain. He has studied Business, Law and Philosophy. He is a tutor in the Kabbalah Society Spain (Toledo) and has run his own group for 8 years, in Madrid and in Toledo. He is the writer of a Kabbalistic novel called THE CALLING (

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The talks will start at 2.30pm and will be followed by tea and cakes.
The sessions end by 4.30.
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