Kabbalah. Gates of Knowledge – by Gila Gerzon

Kabbalah. Gates of knowledge by Gila Gerzon
Translated from Dutch by Jennie Benedict

Gates of Knowledge

Gila is a teacher in the Toledano line of Kabbalah, leading groups in the Netherlands for many years. Kabbalah – Gates of Knowledge, appeared in Dutch in 2017 and has become a source of inspiration to many Dutch students. This large and detailed work offers introductory chapters on the background of the Tradition, treatises on the Sefirot and the Worlds, reviews of the great Kabbalistic literature, and the Tree of Life exercises. Central is the attention given to meditation. Every chapter has its own meditation exercise. Basic steps in meditation are explained and the integrating of Inner Journey experiences clarified. Spiritual experiences of past and contemporary Kabbalists are described, bringing the text to life.

This book may be useful for those wishing to incorporate the teachings on their own and as a manual for study groups.

“I am delighted to see how Gila Gerzon has developed Kabbalah for our period. This kind of updating has occurred throughout history. Her treatment is precise and ordered to coordinate the modern mindset with the ancient and medieval kabbalistic tradition. This is what has kept the Line alive. The blend of scholarship, contemporary psychology and practical exercises is just right.” Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi

“A clearly written introduction, useful to those wishing to delve into the mysteries of Kabbalah.” Bookshop of the Jewish Museum in Amsterdam

“Kabbalah is made more approachable as a personal source of inspiration… offering kabbalistic concepts,  the entire map of consciousness in descriptions of the various levels and allusions to THAT which is beyond all concepts. A whole set of tools useful to inner work… a treasure hall.” Ewald Wagenaar, editor of the Koorddanser

“Deep and intense, with a light on every page.
To be read over and over!” Dutch Students

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US & World: https://www.amazon.com/Kabbalah-Gates-Knowledge-Gila-Gerzon/dp/9090330941/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=gates+of+knowledge%2C+gila+gerzon&qid=1592825010&sr=8-1