Kabbalah and the Way of Myth (Residential)–August 30-31st, 2021

Kabbalah and the Way of Myth
Facilitator: Mike Bais
Residential: Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

Join us in this dynamic course, where we will work with old texts, poetry, meditations and some practice, to explore and express myth in and through our own being. As Joseph Campbell said, myth has four functions: social and pedagogical; psychological and moral; metaphysical; and mystical aspects.

The Kabbalah in this course will explain what these mean for us personally. Joseph Campbell, the concept of the hero’s journey, Jungian analysis, alchemy, and the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder of the Kabbalah, will guide us through our days at Hawkwood. If you wish to live your myth or grow closer to the myth to which you are already attuned, this course might be something for you.

Booking and further information: Please contact Hawkwood College direct via their website link below. Thank you.