Kabbalah and the Divine Feminine – Devon, UK – March 1st 2020

Kabbalah and the Divine Feminine.

Maggy Whitehouse

LOCATION: EXETER, DEVON. Booking via Colin John. 01392 221066 / 07376 489302 email: colinjohn1st@outlook.com.

DATE: Sunday 1st March. Cost: £35.

Stories of love, hate, adultery, deception, betrayal, murder, compassion and redemption — it could be any soap opera on the television today.  But this is a much older production; a blockbuster told by over 20 generations of feisty and powerful women, every one of whom still has something to teach us today.

We will learn of the different levels of humanity and how rising to the place of the Soul can transform our own lives just as the heroines of the Bible discovered. They can be our guide to our own Soul’s purpose.

Maggy will weave the story of Sophia, the feminine wisdom tradition from Shekhinah to Mary Magdalene via the women of the Bible — including Sarah (survival), Rebekah (ego), Ruth (self-knowledge), Jael (discernment) and Esther (unconditional love).

We will look at these Matriarchs and Heroines through the filter of Judaic mysticism and historical and social fact to see what we can still learn from them today. Each of them is an archetype within us and can show us our strength – and our shadow.