Online Workshops–Building Jacob’s Ladder–January 2021

‘It is like a ladder in the midst of his home whereby he may ascend and descend.’ Hekalot (mystical) text 6th Century

The Workshops: Held over three to four days in January 2021
Dates: 16th, 23rd, 30th/ 31st

This course is now closed.

The Tree of Life and the extended Tree, called Jacob’s Ladder, are models of the laws of existence, which can be observed within every living thing – especially within ourselves. They are our working tools in the Toledano Tradition.

It is recommended that every Kabbalist constructs their own Jacob’s Ladder and Tree of life as an expression of their conscious commitment to Self – knowledge.  When they have been completed and hung on our walls they may be used as an aid to meditation, contemplation, dialogue and reflection.

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