Montreal group fall 2010 schedule

1 2010/09/11 Bienvenue, Les Séphirots : Kéter, Hokmah, Binah.
2 2010/09/18 Méditation : Le Temple-École, Questions.
3 2010/09/25 Les Séphirots : Hésèd, Gébvourah, Téfèrêt.
4 2010/10/02 Méditation : La Voie du Pèlerin, Questions.
5 2010/10/09  
6 2010/10/16 Les Séphirots : Netzah, Hod, Yésod.
7 2010/10/23 Méditation : La Maison de la Psyché, Questions.
8 2010/10/30 Les Séphirots : Malkout, Dessiner son arbre.
9 2010/11/06 Adieu, Méditation : L’Échelle de la Création, Questions.

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December 11-12 Halevi Workshop in the Netherlands

Building the Inner TempleZ’ev ben Shimon Halevi
Workshop in the Netherlands

Building the Inner Temple
10.00-17.00 hr | saturday 11 December 2010
10.00-16.00 hr | sunday 12 December 2010

Building the Inner Temple.
This course will be an interior and historic journey in search
for the purpose of life and Existence.
In a two-day guided meditation exercise we experience various stages of evolution as well as explore the world, encounter a teacher and begin to train under an esoteric discipline.
We participate in a school of the soul constructing a temple.

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Kabbalah Course – Budapest – September 25-26 2010

Led by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi

SCHOOL OF THE SOUL Course Details:
This weekend course is about the search for esoteric knowledge and schools of the soul. The kabbalistic scheme of four Worlds called Jacob’s Ladder is used as a framework to see how schools operate. The role of the teacher is considered, along with examples of various schools and their students. Different levels of the esoteric Work are then examined. These psychological and spiritual processes are preparation for entering the seven lower Halls of Paradise and the seven upper Halls of Heaven. Insights into these higher realities can occur during a guided meditation exercise. In this interior Temple School we may meet our spiritual teacher and be taken up into the Divine Realm.

The lectures are illustrated with slides and at the end of each session there will be time for questions and observations.

Saturday, 25 September:
10:00-11:15 We begin with the Garden of Eden and the knowledge of how to return to it. Then comes the misuse of such knowledge, the first master teachers and the various esoteric lines that follow the same universal teaching in schools of the soul.
11:45-13:00 Here we see the Tree of Life in different traditions and the origin of the kabbalistic Tree in the Jewish version. The mythology and metaphysics of the Bible are set out in the classical diagram of the Tree mandala.
14:15- 15:30 This session is about the search for mystical knowledge and a reliable teacher, followed by the three ways of Action, Devotion and Contemplation, leading to the path of development and ascent into the Higher Worlds.
16:00- 17:15 Here the origin of Existence is set out, followed by an account of Creation and the lower Worlds of Formation and Action and their inhabitants. This chain is seen in the Jacob’s Ladder of the universe and the microcosm of a human being, which is a reflection of the macrocosm.

Sunday, 26 September:
10:00- 11:15 In this session the inner work needed to evolve is discussed as well as the dangers to be encountered. The disciplines required are illustrated before catching a glimpse of Hell, Paradise and Heaven, prior to entering the Divine Realm.
11:45- 13:00 The structure of the psyche is now examined and the levels of humanity viewed, before seeing how a school of the soul is organised. This is in preparation for the next session, which is an imaginary journey to a Temple School.
14:15- 15:30 In this interior exercise we spend time in assessing our situation before meeting our inner teacher, who takes us up into the Hall of the Spirit and beyond into a holy place. There we may ask three questions, before returning back to the everyday world.
16:00- 17:15 This session is entirely devoted to observations and questions.

What to do in Hungary:
On Monday morning (27 Sept) there will be an English-speaking guided walk in the old Jewish quarter located in the heart of Budapest, where we will visit the exquisite Dohány Street synagogue, which is not only the largest in Europe but also houses a brilliant permanent exhibiton. Other opportunities that Budapest has to offer are: river trips on the Danube, sightseeing (Castle Hill, Heroes’ Square, Parliament, Central Market etc.), a visit to one of the many famous thermal baths, listening to gypsy music and tasting the excellent Hungarian cuisine. In addition, the nearby Opera House is not only a beautiful building to visit, but is also the venue for outstanding performances of opera and ballet. For those interested in attending a performance, programmes can be accessed nearer the time on

Cost and Booking
Around £300/ person (including course cost, flight and accommodation) based on 3 nights. Course cost £90 per person, hotels are from £30-35/ night (based on sharing a twin room), flight ticket varies (,,, Assistance with booking accommodation, flights and tickets is also happily provided.

To book the course please contact: Dalma Garner 07712008689, 02089225455 or
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May 1st-2nd 2010 – Halevi – Madrid Spain – Kabbalah and Psychology

Saturday 1st May – Sunday 2nd May 2010

This weekend course brings together the disciplines of Kabbalah and Psychology combing ancient medieval and modern knowledge and methods. We will examine universal principles related to the development of an individual. After studying the Macrocosm of Existence, we will see how a human being as the microcosm is influenced by the collective mind.

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New autobiography – Z’ev ben Simon Halevi

Halevi’s latest book is an autobiography, The Path of a Kabbalist. .

Path of a KabbalistTHE PATH OF A KABBALIST
An Autobiography

In his autobiography, Halevi sets out his spiritual journey amid the drama of life, which he perceives as a process of development, indicating how his unfolding fate is part of a Providential scheme. This book traces the story of how an artist and poet became a writer about and a teacher of Kabbalah. Many of the illustrations are the author’s own work. So too are several of the diagrams, which are a modern interpretation of the Tradition. The Path of a Kabbalist is also a first-hand account of how Halevi’s books came into being and inspired many people and study groups worldwide.

Price: £20.00
ISBN: 978-1-905806-38-6
387 pages

‘This is a remarkable autobiography. With candour and clarity Halevi describes the events which enabled him to acquire his profound insights into the nature of the universe and Kabbalah. I recommend it highly.’
– W. Kirk MacNulty, Author of FREEMASONRY Symbols, Secrets, Significance.

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It can be ordered from:

Watkins Books
19 – 21 Cecil Court,
London WC2N 4EZ
Tel: 020 7836 2182 Fax: 020 7836 6700

The revised editions of the Works of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi are now complete

The revised editions of the Works of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi are now complete with the reprinting of The Anatomy of Fate. The books are a comprehensive modern version of the Tradition in that each volume deals with a different aspect of the Jewish mystical system of Kabbalah. The revised editions have new diagrams together with many pictures and symbols. These enhance the text giving a deeper insight into the origin and purpose of Existence, the four Worlds, and the levels of Divinity, spirituality, psychology and physicality within a human being. As such they will add new material for the Kabbalah Society’s study groups worldwide.

Work in progress includes A Kabbalistic View of History.

The books can be ordered from: Click Here to find out more.