Kabbalah Society Annual Summer School (Residential)–31 August – 3 September 2021

Facilitators:  Kurt Browne and Joanna Lapage-Browne
Residential: Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England

The course is suitable for both newcomers and those who have been in the School for many years. Just come along – with a receptive, discerning heart and mind and humour.

In 2015, Warren asked us if we would carry on with running summer school and handed it over to us.

Our intention continues to be, to pass on the teaching of the Toledano Tradition that has been so clearly reformulated by Warren, using the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder as our guides.

During the four days, contemplation, slide lectures, guided imagery, meditation and ritual will assist us in bringing the principles to life through experience and reflection. The afternoon break will allow time for solitude, conversation, local trips, or walks in the beautiful grounds and woods.

Format: the pattern for each day

Breakfast – 8.30 am
Session 1 – 9.30 am – 11.00 am
Coffee – 11.00 am – 11.30 am
Session 2 – 11.30 am – 12.45 pm
Lunch – 1.00 pm
Afternoon free
Tea – 4.00 pm
Session 3 – 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm
Supper – 6.30 pm
Session 4 – 8.00 pm – 9.15 pm

Books:  Kabbalah Society books will be available to purchase during the course.

Kurt Browne and Joanna Lapage-Browne:  Kurt and Joanna have studied in the Toledano Tradition School of the Soul, founded by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi – Warren Kenton (1933-2020), since the early 1970s. They live and work in London and have a son, two daughters, and seven grandchildren. They run Kabbalah groups together and have led courses on the tradition for over 30 years in Europe, Africa, the USA, Mexico, and Japan.

Hawkwood College:  An old English mansion with exceptional views overlooking the countryside, surrounded by woodland and fields. Even the distant mountains of Wales can be seen from there. While the course is intense, it is also a holiday in good company. Here, enduring friendships are forged between people from many lands. This is a characteristic of the Kabbalah Society’s School of the Soul.

Hawkwood College – Struggling to survive the Pandemic

As with many arts and educational charities, Hawkwood is struggling to survive the pandemic. It is under considerable financial pressure and its future is constantly under threat which is testing its resilience. The impact of COVID-19 has been significant and Hawkwood relies heavily on the income generated through its courses and events. Understandably, this situation has had an impact on the summer school course fees this year. However, more than ever, Hawkwood needs our help and has been a ‘home’ for the summer school for over 30 years, we wish to support them through these challenging times in whatever way we can.

Bet El Trust Bursary Award

While we understand the Summer School course fees may be out of reach for some during these difficult times, the Bet El Trust can now offer financial help in particular circumstances, as specified in our Trust Deed to “making grants and awarding bursaries”, its two broad purposes being

“i. the propagation of kabbalistic knowledge through the advancement of the education of the public in such knowledge, and the conduct of research into that said knowledge, and the dissemination to the public of the useful results of that research; and

ii. the relief of aged, sick and poor people especially those who are, or have been, students of kabbalistic knowledge.”


Booking Online

Hawkwood College at: 
Please read carefully https://www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/


Kabbalah and the Way of Myth (Residential)–30-31 August 2021

Kabbalah and the Way of Myth
Facilitator: Mike Bais
Residential: Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

Join us in this dynamic course, where we will work with old texts, poetry, meditations and some practice, to explore and express myth in and through our own being. As Joseph Campbell said, myth has four functions: social and pedagogical; psychological and moral; metaphysical; and mystical aspects.

The Kabbalah in this course will explain what these mean for us personally. Joseph Campbell, the concept of the hero’s journey, Jungian analysis, alchemy, and the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder of the Kabbalah, will guide us through our days at Hawkwood. If you wish to live your myth or grow closer to the myth to which you are already attuned, this course might be something for you.

Booking and further information: Please contact Hawkwood College direct via their website link below. Thank you.

A New Series of Three Online Seminars–April, May, June 2021

All registrants will have access to review the recordings for a period of 30 days.

Course Leaders: Joanna Lapage-Browne and Kurt Browne

Joanna and Kurt will be teaching three independently run Saturday seminars beginning after the Easter holiday. Using theory and practice, they will bring the Teaching to life and provide clarity and perspective, whether applied to one’s own journey or to world events and history.

THE WORK OF A KABBALIST (Seminar 1 – Completed)

The work of a Kabbalist is to integrate the four worlds, physical, psychological spiritual, and Divine, and to explore and know each one. This requires effort and commitment in order to live more consciously in the earthly world of action.

This we will explore both theoretically and practically.

THE JOURNEY OF A SOUL (Seminar 2 – 22nd May)

Our passage from birth, through childhood, youth and into maturity and old age provides us with life’s circumstances within which our soul either awakens or remains asleep.

We will examine our soul’s journey and the choices we have made along the way, from a kabbalistic perspective. As fate unfolds, the workings of providence become clearer, and we may get a glimpse into our destiny.

THE PATH OF INDIVIDUATION (Seminar 3 – 19th June)

The choices we have made in our lives have brought us to this point now. Each archetypal experience we encounter on our journey is a training on the path to individuation.

By observing ourselves, we gain insights into what it takes to become an instrument of the Divine.

Time: 15:00 hrs – 17:00 hrs (London UK Time)
Cost: Each Session, £22.00 (GBP)
Where: Each session will be conducted through the Zoom platform.

Click here for further information and seminar registration on the Kabbalah Community website (open to members and non-members). Thank you.

Kabbalah and our Heart–Online Workshop–June 12th, 2021

An online Saturday workshop on the Kabbalistic Tradition and our Heart with Andy Henry

With the Tree of Compassion, we work on our experience of Energy and Structure, its connection to the Way of Devotion, the development of Compassion and their relationship to the Tree of Life. Different exercises and meditations will be used to research this path, developing the experience of the flow of grace from above and how it comes out into the world.

Teacher: Andy has been teaching Kabbalah since 2005. He has studied Kabbalah with Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi and other spiritual teachers since 1995. He is a well-established teacher and healer in the Eastern Traditions, running healing clinics and teaching groups in England, Spain and Portugal since 1990. The workshop will be in English with Spanish translation.

For further information, please see pdf here. Thank you.

Booking: Please book your place with Amyas on taijiwuxigonglondon1@gmail.com

Please note:
For admin related queries please contact Amyas at taijiwuxigonglondon1@gmail.com.
For queries about the study, experiences or practice, please email Andy at taijiwuxigong@hotmail.com

Kabbalistic Painting Courses–South-West France–June – September 2021

“ COVID-19 Clause. We have a complete refund policy for all guests who are worried about booking travel overseas incase of confinement due to COVID-19, which means you can book with peace of mind”

Sally Annett and Stephen Pope have collaborated to create a series of Kabbalistic painting courses in France for 2021. Both Sally and Stephen have trained in the Kabbalah Society Toledano Tradition in London with Warren Kenton, and both now live in South West France where they continue their studies and work.

These courses highlight the central themes of Annett’s and Pope’s work, that of Nature and The Divine Feminine Principle.

The courses are all-inclusive in luxury venues, with three available options from June to September, each with a slightly different emphasis, technique and materials.

Please go to the website of Annett’s studio, the ATELIER MELUSINE, for further information. Links below:


Or contact Sally direct on email annett897@btinternet.com

Please see PDF here

Patterns of Creation–10-Week Online Course–April 14th-June 30th, 2021

Patterns of Creation
Logos and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John
by Stephen Pope

Weekly two-hour sessions via Zoom with Stephen Pope BD MA
co-hosted by Rev Dr Megan Wagner

This course illuminates the spiritual teachings in the Greek-Aramaic text of the Gospel of John, so that they become, for you, the living reality that is beyond their symbols.

Stephen and Megan will help you to experience the spiritual truths contained within the original Greek-Aramaic Gospel for yourself, taking you beyond the everyday, unconscious mind, into your eternal essence.

This formless, eternal essence, which exists within the heart of every human being, is called Logos in John’s Gospel, and usually translated as Word: Eternal Presence that contains and connects every living thing within the great circle of life.

We will explore Stephen’s fresh translations from Greek and Aramaic, look at the roots of the Gospel teachings in the original Biblical Hebrew texts and realize the profound spiritual truths contained within its rich symbolic language and sacred geometry of the Tree of Life.
Read more here….

Introduction to Kabbalah–Six-Week Online Introductory Course–February 18th, 2021

Maggy Whitehouse

This course has expired.

Please contact maggy@maggywhitehouse.com for more information.

Kabbalah is Hebrew for ‘receive’ and this ancient oral tradition is the foundation of all the Western Mystery Traditions. Written teachings crystalize and become locked into religion, the oral tradition continues to reveal the mystical and eternal truths behind the form. Kabbalah teaches us who we are; why we are here; what we can do; how to balance our lives and the relationship between the Divine, the Universe humanity and all creation.

‘The Kabbalistic Universe’–Ten-Week Study Group–February 15th, 2021

‘The Kabbalistic Universe’ – Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi
FREE Online Study Group with Marie-Elsa Bragg

This course has now expired.

In these challenging times, this online study group will examine ‘The Kabbalistic Universe’ by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi. Each week a small portion of the text from the book will be set to consider, and then our meeting will explore the text through contemplation, meditation, and collaboration. Students who have studied with Halevi for many years, and those beginning to explore, are welcome. As Halevi always said at the beginning of his many Summer Schools at Hawkwood in Stroud: ‘We will always find more when we return to the teaching.’