Postponement of the International Kabbalah Conference in The Netherlands

International Kabbalah Conference (English Spoken)

The Human Spirit

Regrettably, due to the global spread of the Coronavirus, we have decided to cancel the original date and postpone the International Kabbalah Conference in The Netherlands on 6th – 7th June 2020.

The new date is now set for 10th – 11th October 2020.

The original date (6th – 7th June) just seemed too close to the now set safety measures for group meetings and social distancing by the Dutch government which is now set on 1st June and there is no guarantee that this period will not be extended and we will have to cancel our meeting again.

To those who have already paid and cannot come in October, we will of course, on your wish, refund the money. We hope that already bought air tickets can be exchanged for a voucher which most airline companies seem to be offering.

It is a pity we will not be able to share our experience on short notice. We hope you all will understand, and we look forward to seeing you in October.

Note for Dutch participants: Instead of the 10th October, we will soon announce a new date for the National Exchange Day.

Magda and René

Location: De Expeditie
Schimmelpenninckkade 30
3813 AE Amersfoort
Those who want to stay overnight on location, please
Contact: Magda van der Ende.
telephone: (033) 4753001

Magda and René are experienced teachers in de tradition of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi. When Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi retired from teaching abroad, they took the initiative of continuing his teaching in The Netherlands and beyond. This international seminar is organised so that people can continue to meet, share and study his ideas.

Société de Kabbale du Québec -Tradition de Tolède – Spring 2020 Schedule Cancelled

COVID-19. Please go to  for more information concerning the 2020 Spring Schedule.

Printemps 2020.
Chers Compagnons de Lumière,
Cet printemps, huit rencontres de Kabbale se tiendront à mon domicile, le samedi à 13 h 30.

Printable PDF of schedule

    • 1 samedi 2020/04/25 Bienvenue. La Voie de la Kabbale.
    • 2 samedi 2020/05/02 Méditation. Questions. L’Échelle de la Création.
    • 3 samedi 2020/05/09 Théorie. La Voie de la Kabbale.
    • 4 samedi 2020/05/16 Méditation. Questions. Le Temple-École.
    • 5 samedi 2020/05/23 Relâche.
    • 6 samedi 2020/05/30 Méditation. Questions. La Voie du Pèlerin.
    • 7 samedi 2020/06/06 Théorie. La Voie de la Kabbale.
    • 8 samedi 2020/06/13 Méditation. Questions. La Maison de la Psyché.
    9 samedi 2020/06/20 Adieu. La Voie de la Kabbale.

L’Enseignement sera élaboré à partir des livres de notre maître Warren Kenton, mieux connu sous son nom de plume Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, plus particulièrement, The Way of Kabbalah.

L’exercice : Soyez éveillés… au moins à 10 h, midi, 14 h, possiblement plus souvent. Pensez alors à chacun des membres du Groupe, votre âme spirituelle. Notez les effets ressentis pour les partager avec le Groupe.

Des agapes suivront l’enseignement qui nous permettront de partager les nourritures assiyatiques et yetziratiques.

Je vous demande de n’apporter que des denrées à consommer telles quelles et qui ne requièrent pas l’usage du four ou de la cuisinière. Par exemple, pain, biscottes, fromages, fruits, olives, humus, viandes froides, etc.

Assemblons-nous donc, Compagnons de lumière, pour recevoir la Rosée céleste et connaître Sa Présence.
Que le Voile Céleste soit levé!

Carole Bussière, 438-499-5225
Montréal, Québec, Canada


Spring 2020.
Dear Companions of Light,
This spring, eight Kabbalah meetings will be held at my home on Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

Printable PDF of the schedule

1 Saturday 2020/04/25 Welcome. The Way of Kabbalah.
2 Saturday 2020/05/02 Meditation. Questions. The Ladder of Creation.
3 Saturday 2020/05/09 Theory. The Way of Kabbalah.
4 Saturday 2020/05/16 Meditation. Questions. The Temple-School.
5 Saturday 2020/05/23 Spring break.
6 Saturday 2020/05/30 Meditation. Questions. The Way of the Pilgrim.
7 Saturday 2020/06/06 Theory. The Way of Kabbalah.
8 Saturday 2020/06/13 Meditation. Questions. The House of the Psyche.
9 Saturday 2020/06/20 Farewell. The Way of Kabbalah.

The Teaching will be developed from the books of our master Warren Kenton, better known by his pen name Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, more particularly, The Way of Kabbalah.

Exercise: Be awake … at least at 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m., possibly more often. Then think of each member of the Group, your spiritual soul. Note the effects felt to share them with the Group.

Feasts will follow the teaching which will allow us to share Assiyatic and Yetziratic foods.

I ask you to bring only foodstuffs to be consumed as such and which do not require the use of the oven or the stove. For example, bread, rusks, cheeses, fruit, olives, hummus, cold meats, etc.

Let us therefore assemble, Companions of light, to receive the celestial Dew and know His Presence.
May the Celestial Veil be lifted!

Carole Bussière, 438-499-5225
Montreal, Quebec, Canada