The Kabbalah Society began to publish the works of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi in 2006: the online Bookshop is a continuation of that process. His writings form the basis of the Toledo Teaching and sixteen publications have been translated into as many languages.

Each publication is a comprehensive modern version of the Tradition in that each volume deals with a different aspect of the Jewish mystical system of Kabbalah. As such, they will provide new material for the study groups worldwide, and assist in the Society’s aim to make kabbalistic knowledge available in contemporary form for all who are interested in the path of development.

The revised editions contain new illustrations, diagrams and symbols which enhance the text giving a deeper insight into the origins and purpose of Existence, the four Worlds, and the levels of Divinity, spirituality, psychology and physicality within a human being.

All income received from these sales go directly to the Bet El Trust which supports and finances the Society’s publications and the Principal Tutor, Halevi. Click here for more information.

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