The works of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi form a body of knowledge that brings together ancient, medieval and modern understanding of Kabbalah. These books are source material for both individual and group studies. The revised editions of Halevi’s books are now available as hardback, softback and Kindle editions, published by the Kabbalah Society. All income from book sales goes to the Bet El Trust to support its charitable activities. More about the Bet El Trust

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Due to Brexit our book shipments became subject of additional charges (importing country’s VAT and custom duties) for our EU buyers. We are reviewing the situation currently, and until we find a solution, our bookshop will discontinue exporting books to EU countries.  As our book printer and distributor (Lightning Source and Ingram) have global presence, all our books should be available to order in your local bookshop or from an online retailer.

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