Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi was the Hebrew name of Warren Kenton, born in 1933 into a Sephardic Jewish Levite family in England. He studied The Teaching since he was twenty-five and visited the major historic sites of the Tradition in Europe, North Africa and Israel. Over this time, he wrote sixteen books on the Kabbalah, including a novel. They have been translated into sixteen languages.

Besides running courses in Britain, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Canada, Halevi taught in ten European countries as well as in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Israel. The Principal Tutor of the Kabbalah Society and a Fellow of the Temenos Academy in London, he saw it as his task to clarify Kabbalah and update its mythology and metaphysics in terms of modern science and psychology.

photo of Halevi family

Here is the great-grandfather of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi with his family in Russia in 1905. His daughter, Golda, married Joshua ben Shimon Halevi, according to the ketubah, or marriage certificate, issued by the Sephardic rabbinate of Constantinople. The couple then left to migrate to the Americas in 1900 but only got as far as London, where a British port official translated their formal surname Haham into Kaufman. Shimon, the father of Z’ev, changed Kaufman into Kenton during the Second World War. The name Haham or “wise one” denotes a lineage of teachers in Spanish Jewish culture.