The Toledano line of Kabbalah has its roots in medieval Spain where Jews, Christians and Muslims met in a civilised cosmopolitan atmosphere to exchange ideas. Kabbalah became the esoteric fusion of religion and philosophy. In our time we relate its theories and practices to psychology, science and astrology. Because Halevi’s teaching is based on universal principles, it is open to all regardless of their religious or ethnic background. He called his school of the soul the Toledano Tradition, in the spirit of the international outlook of the early kabbalists.

The Kabbalah Society is a contemplative school of the soul. It was founded in 1993 to form an association of independent groups which study the tradition as set out in the books of Z’evben Shimon Halevi (Warren Kenton 1933-2020). Its aim is to make the kabbalistic teaching available to students from any background. Study groups in countries meet locally or globally online. We also organise periodically international workshops and conferences.

The Kabbalah Society is the publisher of the revised editions of Halevi’s books, which are now available as hardback, softback and Kindle editions. Other publications on this website include video and audio recordings of Halevi’s lectures and workshops as well as study articles by various members of the school.

Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi wrote over 18 books on Kabbalah which have been translated to 17 languages. He was also teaching groups and running workshops worldwide for over 40 years. Many of these events were recorded. It is our intention to collect all available files into our archive so that people can experience Halevi’s personal style of teaching and insights. Over time, these files will be added to the audio and video menus on this website.

Many of the archival recordings of his workshops, meditations and informal discussions are available to the public on this website and on the Kabbalah Society Videos website. And all his revised editions of his books in print or in kindle are available in our bookshop or on Amazon.