A New Series of Three Online Seminars–April, May, June 2021

Course Leaders: Joanna Lapage-Browne and Kurt Browne

Joanna and Kurt will be teaching three independently run Saturday seminars beginning after the Easter holiday. Using theory and practice, they will bring the Teaching to life and provide clarity and perspective, whether applied to one’s own journey or to world events and history.

THE WORK OF A KABBALIST (Seminar 1 – 24th April)

The work of a Kabbalist is to integrate the four worlds, physical, psychological spiritual and divine, and to explore and know each one. This requires effort and commitment in order to live more consciously in the earthly world of action.

This we will explore both theoretically and practically.

THE JOURNEY OF A SOUL (Seminar 2 – 22nd May)

Our passage from birth, through childhood, youth and into maturity and old age provides us with life’s circumstances within which our soul either awakens or remains asleep.

We will examine our soul’s journey and the choices we have made along the way, from a kabbalistic perspective. As fate unfolds, the workings of providence become clearer, and we may get a glimpse into our destiny.

THE PATH OF INDIVIDUATION (Seminar 3 – 19th June)

The choices we have made in our lives have brought us to this point now. Each archetypal experience we encounter on our journey is a training on the path to individuation.

By observing ourselves, we gain insights into what it takes to become an instrument of the Divine.

Time: 15:00 hrs – 17:00 hrs (London UK Time)
Cost: Each Session, £22.00 (GBP)
Where: Each session will be conducted through the Zoom platform.

Click here for further information and seminar registration on the Kabbalah Community website (open to members and non-members). Thank you.