Montreal – New French Language Kabbalah site.

March 19th, 2011

The Montreal Kabbalah Society Study Group has just launched a new web site.

Click here for their Spring Schedule

Devon UK – Intro to Kabbalah Course – May 4th

March 13th, 2011

An Introduction to Kabbalah – 6 Fortnightly Wednesdays 7-9pm starting May 4th 2011

Venue: Dartington, Totnes, Devon UK. Suggested donation £5 (£3 concessions)

Click here for more details

Devon Tree of Life School

Kabbalah Society Tutors: Rev Sam Wernham and Joyce King


Halevi-Basel-Switzerland April 8-9 2011

February 27th, 2011

Halevi April 8-9 2011 in Basel Switzerland.

Der Workshop findet statt:


Kleiner Saal

Byfangweg 13

4053 Basel, Schweiz

Kostenbeitrag:  2 -Tage-Seminar Fr. 130.-

Anmeldung bei:

(Teilnehmerzahl beschränkt)

Alexander Ströber

Guntramstrasse 42

79106 Freiburg

Tel.  0049 173 348 91 80

Fax  0049  7614 000 69 28


German Language Flyer for Event


Kabbalah and Interfaith, Birmingham, UK: April 14th-17th 2011

January 28th, 2011

Kabbalah and Interfaith Conference
La Convivencia* presents
Kabbalah and Interfaith: 14th-17th April 2011.

A three-day conference of international speakers examining how mystical beliefs can promote harmony between faiths.

Location: St. Columba URC, Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham.

Speakers include:
Megan Wagner PhD, provost of the California Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute and author of The Sapphire Staff.
Rev. Maggy Whitehouse, author of Kabbalah Made Easy, The Illustrated History of Kabbalah, The Marriage of Jesus.
Paul Salahuddin Armstrong, co-director of the British Muslim Association.
Michael Hattwick, MD, health advisor to the Obama administration and author of The ABBA Tradition.
Mohammed Nazam, co-founder of The Berakah Project, an inter-faith music initiative dedicated to crossing boundaries of race, religion and culture through the arts. Berakah will be playing on Saturday.

Topics include: The Western Mystery Tradition; How to Read Scripture without Religion; The Spirit of Inclusion; The Ancient Origins of the Tree of Life.
The Tony Blair Faith Foundation will also give a presentation.

Price: Full conference £185. Early bird tickets (until March 31st) £150. Day tickets: £65.

Please contact 0121 449 0344 or email for booking details.
More details are available here.

*La Convivencia means Œa coming together of souls.¹ It refers to a period of 400 years when Jews, Christians and Muslims lived together in relative peace in medieval Spain. Scholarship and mysticism thrived in Spanish towns such as Toledo, Cordoba and Granada as students and teachers in all three
disciplines helped each other to learn, translate and understand ancient teachings. This ³convivencia² has permeated esoteric teaching to the present day

Halevi – Lisbon – Portugal – January 15th – 2011

December 28th, 2010

An Introduction to KABBALAH
Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi
(Warren Kenton)
Workshop (theory and practice)

Lisboa – Portugal
Saturday, January 15th, 2011
10:00-13:00 / 14.15-17:15

Course outline

English with translation to Portuguese

10.00 – 11.15

The first session starts with a slide-show on the history of Kabbalah. Then the kabbalistic picture of Existence is defined, including the cycle of life, death and rebirth as well as the levels of humanity.

11.45 – 13.00

This lecture starts with the kabbalistic view of psychology, followed by such topics as a school of the soul, the ascent of the Ladder of the four Worlds and the aim of Self-realisation to aid God to behold God.

14.15 – 15.30

The afternoon session will be an interior journey to a Temple School, where we will have an insight into the ways of action, devotion and contemplation, before meeting our inner teacher. This guide will take us up into the dome of the Temple, which represents the World of the Spirit, where we may ask three questions.

16.00 – 17.15

The final session will be devoted to questions.

Location: SANA Metropolitan Hotel
Rua Soeiro Pereira Gomes
Fees: 60 €

For further information and booking, please contact:
919249368 / 919259573

Study Group in Lisbon:

Halevi Books Online Update

December 21st, 2010

Watkins bookshop has launched their new website.

We are glad to announce that all the Kabbalah Society editions of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi are now available at Kabbalah section.

Toledo Spain – Halevi March 2011

December 11th, 2010

School of the Soul
Toledo Spain
March 5-6 2011
By Ze’v ben Shimon Halevi

Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th March 2011

This weekend course is about the search for esoteric knowledge and schools of the soul. The kabbalistic scheme of four Worlds called Jacob’s Ladder is used as a framework to see how schools operate. The role of the teacher is considered, along with examples of various schools and their students. Different levels of the esoteric Work are then examined. These psychological and spiritual processes are preparation for entering the seven lower Halls of Paradise and the seven upper Halls of Heaven. Insights into these higher realities can occur during a guided meditation exercise. In this interior Temple School we may meet our spiritual teacher and be taken up into the Divine Realm. The lectures are illustrated with slides and at the end of each session there will be time for questions and observations.

Saturday 5th March
10.00 – 11.15
We begin with the Garden of Eden and the knowledge of how to return to it. Then comes the misuse of such knowledge, the first master teachers and the various esoteric lines that follow the same universal teaching in schools of the soul.
11.45 – 13.00
Here we see the Tree of Life in different traditions and the origin of the kabbalistic Tree in the Jewish version. The mythology and metaphysics of the Bible are set out in the classical diagram of the Tree mandala.
14.15 – 15.30
This session is about the search for mystical knowledge and a reliable teacher, followed by the three ways of Action, Devotion and Contemplation, leading to the path of development and ascent into the Higher Worlds.
16.00 – 17.15
Here the origin of Existence is set out, followed by an account of Creation and the lower Worlds of Formation and Action and their inhabitants. This chain is seen in the Jacob’s Ladder of the universe and the microcosm of a human being, which is a reflection of the macrocosm.

Sunday 6th March
10.00 – 11.15
In this session the inner work needed to evolve is discussed as well as the dangers to be encountered. The disciplines required are illustrated before catching a glimpse of Hell, Paradise and Heaven, prior to entering the Divine Realm.
11.45 – 13.00
The structure of the psyche is now examined and the levels of humanity viewed, before seeing how a school of the soul is organised. This is in preparation for the next session, which is an imaginary journey to a Temple School.
14.15 – 15.30
In this interior exercise we spend time in assessing our situation before meeting our inner teacher, who takes us up into the Hall of the Spirit and beyond into a holy place. There we may ask three questions, before returning back to the everyday world.
16.00 – 17.00
This session is entirely devoted to observations and questions.


Dates: Saturday March 5th and Sunday March 6th 2011.
Location: Hotel “Pintor El Greco”. 13 Alamillos del Tránsito Street. Toledo
Fees: Cost for Saturday and Sunday is 150 euros (125 pounds) including coffee and tea during the seminar.
Language: English with simultaneous translation to Spanish
Accommodation: Accommodation is excluded of the price of the seminar. Please contact Gonzalo Simon for different accommodation possibilities in Toledo.
Phone: +34636973974

Toledo 2011 – Click here for the schedule and details

Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi London 2011 Schedule

November 16th, 2010
Leader/ Lecturer
  November 21st 2010 Kabbalah & Schools of the Soul Halevi Flat A, Rutland House,
30 Greencroft Gardens,
London NW6 3LT
2.30 – 5.30 Sunday afternoons
£35 – including afternoon tea
Joanna & Kurt Browne
Tel/Fax – 020 7624 0434
  2011 Events          
Leader/ Lecturer
  February 6th 2011 Introduction to Kabbalah Halevi Flat A, Rutland House,
30 Greencroft Gardens,
London NW6 3LT
2.30 – 5.30 Sunday afternoons
£35 – including afternoon tea
Joanna & Kurt Browne
Tel/Fax – 020 7624 0434
  June 12th 2011 Kabbalah & Psychology Halevi Flat A, Rutland House,
30 Greencroft Gardens,
London NW6 3LT
2.30 – 5.30 Sunday afternoons
£35 – including afternoon tea
Joanna & Kurt Browne
Tel/Fax – 020 7624 0434
  August 28th -September 1st 2011 Kabbalistic
Summer Schoo
Halevi Hawkwood College
Stroud Glos. UK
Click here for details Click here for details
  October 16th 2011 Kabbalah & Astrology Halevi Flat A, Rutland House,
30 Greencroft Gardens,
London NW6 3LT
2.30 – 5.30 Sunday afternoons
£35 – including afternoon tea
Joanna & Kurt Browne
Tel/Fax – 020 7624 0434
  November 6th 2011 Kabbalah & Schools of the Soul Halevi Flat A, Rutland House,
30 Greencroft Gardens,
London NW6 3LT
2.30 – 5.30 Sunday afternoons
£35 – including afternoon tea
Joanna & Kurt Browne
Tel/Fax – 020 7624 0434

New Article by Alison Bell – On Training Yesod

November 9th, 2010

First published in The Awakening Journal, Issue no. 19 –

figure 1

Figure 1

My daughter looked up at me and in that five-year old way she said, “Mummy, why is your sod so tricky?” Her inadvertent pun precipitated much laughter and was beautifully appropriate in the way it enfolded a great truth. In Kabbalah, Yesod corresponds to ‘Ego’ in the psychological sphere. Seekers on the path will undoubtedly be aware of the subtle strategies of Ego, even after years of self-development and inner work!  …… click here to read the full article…

Intro to Kabbalah Course in Hertford, Hertfordshire

September 7th, 2010

Course outline:

Session One – 12th September 2010 – Introduction to the Kabbalistic Tree

Session Two – 10th October 2010 – The World of the Psyche -  Levels of Humanity

Session Three – 14th November 2010 – The Bible and the journey of the Soul

Session Four – 9th January 2011 – Astrology, Free Will, Karma and Responsibility

Session Five – 13th February 2011 – The Kabbalistic Universe

Session Six – 13th March 2011 – The Work of the Kabbalist*

 *including a guided meditation

Kabbalah is the mystical teaching that underlies the Western Judaeo-Christian tradition.  Derived from the Hebrew word ‘to receive’, it is an ancient teaching that offers a pathway to personal growth and self-knowledge.

The course is intended as a useful introduction to the ideas and practices of the Toledano Kabbalistic tradition.  It is aimed at those seeking a spiritual path, or simply interested in exploring their own spirituality.  It does not aim to provide the answer, but to address the question of why we are here, and how, through understanding our place in the universe, we might find greater purpose in our lives and, thereby, a greater sense of peace within ourselves and with the world around us.

The course is non-denominational and no previous knowledge is needed, only an open mind.  It will be delivered over the course of six Sundays, allowing time between sessions for students to contemplate what they have received and to build a basic understanding and appreciation of the principles that underlie the tradition.  Each session will cover a whole afternoon, starting at around 3pm and ending around 5.30pm.

The course tutor, Adam Simmonds, has been studying Kabbalah for 20 years and this is the third introductory course he has led.  A school teacher by profession, he has presented talks on Kabbalah in both the UK and Spain and co-directs a regular Kabbalah group at his home in Hertford. 

“Adam Simmonds is both a powerful and a natural teacher with a deep and authentic understanding of Kabbalah at all levels.”

                  (Maggy Whitehouse, author of Total Kabbalah and The Book of Deborah)

Donation £5 per session, including tea and cake!

                                    For further information, please contact

                                    Adam Simmonds on (01992) 55 44 65

                                    or e-mail

For a print version flyer click here…