Recent foreign editions: by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi

February 27th, 2012

Recent foreign editions:

The Lithuanian “A Kabbalistic Universe”
Visata Pagal Kabala, Mijalba, Lithuania Kaunas 2011, ISBN 978-609-8050-31-8

The Brazilian “Way of Kabbalah”
O Caminho da Cabala, Editora Ágora, Brazil 2011, ISBN 978-85-7183-077-6

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Now over 80 different foreign editions of books by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi

Lisboa Portugal – Mar 17 & 18 2012 – Living the Tree of Life

February 10th, 2012

Joanna and Kurt Browne
Lisboa, Portugal
Saturday, March 17th – Sunday, March 18th, 2012
10:00 – 13:00 / 14.30 – 17:00

English Version of flyer > Living_the_Tree_of_Life

Portugese Flyer version  > VIVER A ÁRVORE DA VIDA

Illustration by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

Illustration by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

The principles of the four levels within existence, physical, psychological, spiritual and divine are clearly and elegantly laid out in the diagram of the kabbalistic tree of life and Jacob’s ladder.

Internalising the tree of life is the work of the kabbalist so that life experiences are related to our soul’s development. A willingness to tread the path of honesty between ‘my will’ and ‘thy will’ leads to a conscious understanding of personal fate
and destiny.

Using imagery, meditation and ritual will enable a deeper insight into the universal principles and how to they work in everyday life.

Course outline
English with translation to Portuguese

Saturday March 17th
Session 1
We shall begin with an illustrated talk on the principles of the Tree of Life in
relation to a lifetime from birth to death, and the reality of fate and destiny.
Session 2
An active meditation on the different aspects of the psyche and the emotional and
intellectual complexes.
Session 3
A ritual based on the Great Invocation.
Session 4
Discussion and questions.

Sunday March 18th
Session 1
An illustrated session in which we look deeper into the psyche and consider the influence of conditioning, the collective unconscious and the universal law of “what you sow you reap”.
Session 2
A guided imagery meditation taking us from the density of physicality to a contemplation of the psyche and on to glimpse the transpersonal nature of Beriah where the hand of heaven touches our lives. The presence of the Holy One pervades all existence.
Session 3
In this exercise of walking the Tree we seek to better understand the importance of individuation which leads to self knowledge.
Session 4
Discussion and questions.

Location: Rua Julieta Ferrão, n.º 10 – 3.º A, Lisboa Portugal
Fees: 50 €
For further information and booking, please contact:
919249368 / 919259573
Study Group in Lisbon:

Kabbalah Society Videos Releases 2 new videos

February 10th, 2012

The Kabbalah Society Videos site has added 2 new videos to the 2010 Summer School Lecture series today.
We have decided to start releasing early edits of all videos in order to provide more content.
You need to be a subscriber to view.

Added February 12th 2012 New Rough Videos

Elementals – Lectures, Nature Walk, Questions and Answers

A short lecture followed by a visit to the local wood to experience the etheric aspect of Nature. Followed by observations, questions and answers. Approximately 40 minutes. Added Feb. 12 2012 Rough Video.

Play Elementals

Humanity – Lectures, Questions and Answers

This session lecture considers the levels of humanity. Followed by questions and answers. Approximately 90 minutes. Added Feb. 12 2012 Rough Video.

Play Humanity

Kabbalah Society Videos

Andy Henry – London – The Tree of East and West Workshops 2012

January 27th, 2012


Saturday 25th February

A day workshop on the body and the Way of Action, its relationship to the Tree of Life and the psyche( the Yetziratic Tree). Physical exercises and meditations will be practised to investigate the body and its relationship to the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. As we work with and unify these more within us we can deepen our experience of the Four Worlds and hence receive more the influx of the upper worlds.

Kabbalah and Energy
Saturday 21st April
A day workshop on the experience of Energy( and Structure), its connection to the Way of Devotion, the development of
Compassion and their relationship to the Tree of Life. Different exercises and meditations will be used to research this path developing the experience of the flow of grace from above and how it comes out in the world.

Kabbalah and the Mind
Saturday 30th June
A day workshop on the Mind and the Way of Contemplation. With different meditations the relationship between the psyche(the Yetziratic Tree) and the Spirit ( the Beriatic Tree) will be investigated. The Way of Contemplation and the training of the focus of the mind provide a clear method to connect to and experience the upper worlds.

Teacher : The workshops will be with Andy Henry, who has been teaching Kabbalah since 2005. He has studied Kabbalah with Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi and other teachers since 1995. He is a well established teacher and healer in the Eastern Traditions, running healing clinics and teaching groups in England, Spain and Portugal since 1990.

Venue : All workshops will be at St Saviours Church Hall, Eton Road, Belsize Park, London NW3.

Nearest Tubes : Chalk Farm or Swiss Cottage

Time : 10 am – 5 pm Cost : £60/day

Enquiries to Andy Henry on 0207 794 6392
Email :

Flyer for the Events

Montreal Group Spring 2012 Schedule

January 27th, 2012

Montreal Tree of LifeMontreal Canada group announces the spring 2012 study group schedule.

April 4th through June 16th 2012

See the attached document for details


New Study Group in Forest Hills, NY

January 11th, 2012

Every other Sunday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

We focus on the Toledano tradition and have been using Warren Kenton’s books as some of our main sources. We also use classical texts including the Book of Formation, the Zohar, and the Sefer Bahir, as well as the writings of Rabbi Isaac Luria and Rabbi Cordovero.

Our group meets at: Genesis Tree of Life, 102-06 Metropolitan Avenue (entrance on 71 Ave., lower level), Forest Hills, NY 11375; tel. 718-544-5997

Information about meeting dates is usually posted on the main page of the organizations web site,

Kabbalah Society announces launch of Kabbalah Society Videos

December 25th, 2011

A decision was made by the Kabbalah Society to film the entire 2010 Kabbalistic Summer School which consists of 15 lectures. These videos are in the process of being edited and those that have been completed are now being released via an online subscription service at

The subscription service will support the work of producing these videos and allow immediate worldwide access to the material via computers, smart phones and tablet devices. Besides the 2010 Summer School sessions, additional lectures from other locations will be added to this library.

The subscription cost is only $16.00 US a month (£10 UK – €11.50 Euro).
You can sign up here.

What We Currently Offer from our Library

4.5 hours of material including

Basic Introduction – Lecture, Questions and Answers

At the first evening of Summer School Halevi outlines the general history, principles and practices of Kabbalah. The lecture is followed by a question and answer period. Approximately 90 minutes

Play Basic Intro Videos

Jacob’s Ladder – Lectures, Questions and Answers

The evening lecture is a slide show on Jacob’s Ladder of Existence. The fundamental principles of the Extended Tree are laid out and explored. Followed by questions and answers. Approximately 90 minutes

Play Jacobs Ladder

Plates and Chairs

Two ritual sessions that relate metaphysics to direct experiences of the Divine realm and the process of psychological and spiritual evolution. Followed by observations, comments by participants. Approximately 90 minutes.

Play Plates and Chairs

Evolution – Lectures, Questions and Answers

This lecture sets out the cosmic scheme of Kabbalah with its four interpenetrating worlds and their natural and supernatural inhabitants. Followed by questions and answers. Approximately 60 minutes.

Play Evolution

Washington DC – March 17, 24 & 25 – Whitehouse – Dickinson

December 24th, 2011

Announcing two workshops by Maggy Whitehouse!

Workshop 1, Saturday March 17th:

Kabbalah: Cosmic Consciousness
A one-day workshop with Maggy Whitehouse, author of Total Kabbalah, The Illustrated History of Kabbalah and Prosperity Teachings of the Bible Made Easy.

But how do we live a conscious life? How can we become a clear reflection of God?

The Kabbalistic teachings of the Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder can help us to discern our levels of consciousness and what our own particular path may be to reflect the Divine on Earth.

The workshop will be in two halves:.
Conscious Living: We will look at the vegetable, animal and human soul as depicted on the Tree of Life and discover how to perceive each level within us. We will examine our relationship with the Holy One and how our ego’s early training and our projections can colour a whole lifetime.

Conscious Dying: In the process of death, the human soul detaches from the body through the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire in turn. The process of dying to the ego is similar. Learning how to die consciously while still alive is a powerful path of self-realisation which will bring us closer to our Divine Source. It will also be of incredible healing power in our experience of the physical death of those we love and at the time of our own transition to the heavens.

Maggy Whitehouse is a minister in an independent sacramental church and Spiritual Care Advisor at St. Mary’s Hospice, England. She specializes in interpreting ancient Kabbalistic knowledge in a way that is practical and helpful in the modern world. Maggy has studied with Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi for 20 years and is the author of 16 books on Kabbalah and spirituality. She is a tutor for the UK Interfaith Seminary and a former journalist with the BBC World Service.

Venue: Sharon Masonic Temple, 999 Balls Hill Road, McLean, Va. 22101.

9.30am to 4.30pm each day.

Workshop 2, Saturday March 24th & Sunday March 25th:

Consciously Creating Your Own Personal Tree of Life (or Jacob’s Ladder)
A unique opportunity to take part in a two-day contemplation and artwork seminar for students and teachers of Kabbalah.

Not only will the weekend give you a piece of artwork to cherish, just creating it will be a workshop of self-knowledge and development. Learn which aspects of the Tree of Life are your strengths and weaknesses as you paint. Your Jacob’s Ladder also has its own mystical way of showing you your inner self. Please note: you can make either a Tree or a Ladder but not both!
The day is facilitated by Peter Dickinson and Rev. Maggy Whitehouse. Peter and Maggy have studied the Toledano Tradition with Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi for over 20 years. Peter is Halevi’s publisher. Maggy is a minister in an Independent Sacramental Church, a Bible theologian and historian and the author of 16 books including Total Kabbalah, Prosperity Teachings of the Bible Made Easy and The Illustrated History of Kabbalah.

Venue: Sharon Masonic Temple, 999 Balls Hill Road, McLean, Va. 22101.

9.30am to 4.30pm each day.

 Cost: $100.

Day One.
This is essentially an exercise on the contemplative aspect of technical drawing. We will draw in pencil (later going over in pen) the basic layout of the Tree or Ladder and paint the background. It doesn’t sound like much but it is a spiritual and physical exercise in accuracy, self-discovery and patience!

Day Two.
Today the colours are added to flesh out the psyche or the Universe. The student may start to add the various notations for the Sefirot, paths and the top of the Tree. The final exercise will be to insert the gold or silver circles around the Sefirot.

Provided: Board, canvas, masking tape, dowel, paint, brushes, compasses, gold or silver pen.
Each student should provide his/her own pencil, black felt pen, ruler and eraser.

Early booking is essential for both workshops. A maximum of 25 places are available for the Tree/Ladder-making workshop. Please contact Christopher Camp (via for full details and to book your place.

2012 Summer School September 4th – 7th Program

December 9th, 2011

The 2012 Summer School Program has been updated and can be viewed here……

The 2012 dates are September 4th – 7th.

Please note: The 2012 Kabbalistic Summer School is currently fully booked. Please contact Hawkwood College to be added to any waiting lists.

Kabbalah Society 2011 Participants Group Photo

2011 Summer School Group Photo

News from the Devon Tree of Life School

December 6th, 2011

Following ten years of regular Kabbalah group meetings in Devon, The Tree of Life School was set up this year by Kabbalah Society tutors Rev. Sam Wernham and Joyce King. Our aim is to share core spiritual principles as taught in the Toledano Tradition, that people of any faith or none can practically apply to everyday life.

Following an Introduction to Kabbalah Course in May, two groups are continuing to meet fortnightly on Tuesday mornings from 10-12 noon and on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm. Recently, we have also started to explore Kabbalistic perspectives on Bible Study, especially in our Torah Study group which meets on the in between Tuesdays and includes meditations based on the Torah portions. 

Over the year we have also been delighted to welcome visiting tutors from the London base of the Kabbalah Society for some excellent one day workshops. In October, Jonathon Clark introduced us to the wonders of Kabbalah and Astrology in a fascinating day that included looking at each course participant’s natal chart and setting it upon the Tree of Life, and in both May and November, Peter Brennan inspired us with spiritual perspectives on great poetry, focussing on Keats and Blake. Our Devon based tutors also led a peaceful day retreat on the Gardens of the Soul.

As our Autumn and Winter Semester draws to a close, we are looking forward to continuing with the regular group meetings from January 2012 and are planning new day workshops for next year, including more Astrology, Art and Spirituality, Sacred Sound and a day retreat for drawing the Tree. We are delighted to welcome new companions and visitors at any time, so please do get in touch with Sam or Joyce if you would like to join us. More details are available on our website www. which includes our online journal with notes and photos from our events. We look forward to hearing from you!