New Book – Harvest from the Tree of Life

Posted on Thursday, July 5th, 2012 at 9:20 am topic - News.

Harvest from the Tree of Life
A richly illustrated book of 219 pages with 16 essays and 20 short reflections written by students of the kabbalist, writer and teacher Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, honouring his many years of teaching in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Halevi says about ‘Harvest from the Tree of Life’: ‘the book contains articulate articles that show how deeply kabbalah has been integrated in the author’s lives. The varied topics open up the field of kabbalistic work and study’.

The book includes short reflections on a principle inspired by Halevi’s work and longer essays that, besides the classical kabbalistic topics, show how kabbalah can be applied to biology, psychology, literature, biblical study and philosophy.

The varied material offers a wide panorama of kabbalistic areas of interest and points to the depth that is to be found in kabbalah.

This book will offer interested students many sources of inspiration.

Harvest from the Tree of Life can be acquired via:
Gila Gerzon E:
T: (0031) (0) 35 54 23 239
Wilma Wedman E:
T: (0031) (0) 035 69 37 919
Costs: € 25,- excl. postage.
Payments can be made to: G.R. Nieuwenhuizen-Gerzon en W. Wedman
Triodos Bank 19 83 39 925 IBAN NL21 TRIO 0198 3399 25
Harvest From the Tree of Life is a non profit publication
ISBN 978-90-78266-03-7
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