May 6th 2018 – London – KABBALAH AND ECONOMICS

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Emile Woolf

May 6th 2018
2.30 – 4.30

“Economics” is derived from the Greek word “Oikonomia”, meaning “housekeeping” or “household management”. It is a subject that was first studied in ancient Greece, where the philosopher Aristotle raised its status to the “Science of Household Management”.
As with any science, economics is based on laws that apply regardless of time or place. They are immutable and, although they can be ignored, they can never be successfully transgressed. “Production must precede consumption”, or “we produce in order to consume”, are alternative expressions of such a law. It may appear obvious to the point of being simplistic, but history is littered with the failed attempts, often with tragic consequences, to pretend otherwise.
We dwell in an age, not of enlightenment, but of entitlement – a dream that flatly denies the operation of economic law. But there are consequences………

In this talk Emile will highlight the working of economic laws as they apply to the State, giving examples of what happens when they are (i) observed; and (ii) disregarded, showing how they relate to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Emile Woolf is a Chartered Accountant and a self-taught writer on economic themes. All the essays posted in his popular “Economic Perspectives” series may be accessed on his website and disseminated without restriction.
After several decades of immersion in the world of financial make-believe, he embraced economics, and his self-tuition method is simply to read the “Greats” and to gain understanding by writing.

To book please contact 020 7624 0434 / 07985720242

The talks will start at 2.30pm and will be followed by tea and cakes.

The sessions end by 4.30.
Parking is free on Sundays.