London – May 2013 – Embodied Journeying Workshop

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Embodied Journeying with the ‘Tree of Life’
An exploration in the Kabbalah tradition

All the great spiritual traditions offer us glimpses of realms beyond our immediate physical existence. They provide tools and practices for developing our full potential as conscious human beings.

Kabbalah – meaning ‘to receive’ – is a living, oral tradition that offers a body of knowledge to help develop our consciousness. The Teaching is based on timeless principles captured in a universal blueprint called the Tree of Life.

This workshop offers a creative, healing space for us to expand our awareness and experience our sense of Self more fully. Since this is a mystical path, we will explore our capacity for ‘direct’ perception and use bodily knowing, to discover what holds a key to our soul’s growth at this moment.

I will invite you to participate in systemic practices from Constellations that help you to identify inner patterns and different soul thresholds. We will also uncover the core principles of this Work: to create inner discipline, release unconscious patterns, expand our awareness, and become a vessel for the Divine. This is an invitation to bring yourself fully to an experiential and embodied journey of the Creation unfolding in you.

About Alison Wooding
Alison has been studying the Toledano tradition of Kabbalah for 14 years and a tutor for
4 years. Having also trained in Systemic Constellations and Transpersonal counseling (foundation), whilst working with youth, business owners and the dying,she is passionately committed to supporting others on a spiritual path to explore their own potential and wholeness. She has learned and participated in psycho-spiritual practices from Medicine, Celtic and Eastern traditions. This integration of Kabbalah and Constellations allows somatic and spatial awareness to be tools for inner growth. She is deeply inspired by systemic teachers and co-pioneers, including Judith Hemming, Daan van Kampenhout, Ed Rowland and others.

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Date & time: Sunday 12 May, 2013. From 10.30am until 5.30pm
Location: Hammersmith, London
Cost: £45 (incl. tea & coffee). Concessions available.

Please do contact Alison with any questions and to book your workshop place: