Kabbalistic Tree Building – August 26-28 2017 Hawkwood

Posted on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 at 10:03 am topic - News.

Kabbalah Society Jacob's LadderKabbalistic Tree Building – Jonathon Clark
Sat 26 Aug – Mon 28 Aug

This is a companion workshop to the Kabbalistic Summer School offering the opportunity to construct diagrams of the Tree of Life, Jacob’s Ladder or a Menorah (the Biblical ancestor of the Tree of Life diagram) in acrylic paint on canvas. It may be considered as a two day practical meditation with possibilities for personal and transpersonal insights available throughout the process.

The workshop has become a firm favourite since it first ran in 2012 with many attendees returning to build another model.

It is led by Jonathon Clark who has been a student of Kabbalah since 1992.

Participants should either be participating in Kabbalistic Summer School or be acquainted with Kabbalah through attendance at one of the groups in the Toledano tradition of Kabbalah – see www.kabbalahsociety.org for further details.

Arrive: from 3 p.m. onwards Saturday 26 August 2017 – first session starts after tea at 4.30 p.m.
Finish: 1 p.m. (lunch) Monday 28 August 2017