Kabbalah in Budapest – Oct 29th – 30th 2011

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Led by
Jo & Kurt Browne
Magda van der Ende

Budapest 29-30 Oct 2011

Click here to see the PDF Flyer for the event – Hungarian course 29-30 Oct 2011

Course Details:

The principles of the four levels of existence, physical, psychological, spiritual and divine are clearly and elegantly laid out in the diagram of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder. As one form of the perennial teaching, it is a relevant guide for our living today.

Life experiences are the opportunities we have to internalise the teaching and make it real, especially during difficult or disturbing times. The aim of this day is to give an insight into these principles and how they relate to your life
The lectures are illustrated with slides and at the end of each session there will be time for questions and observations.

Saturday, 29 October (Jo & Kurt Browne):
10:00-11:15 We shall begin with an illustrated talk on the principles of the Tree of Life in relation to the soul’s life time from birth to death, the initiations at each stage and the reality of fate and destiny.
11:45-13:00 A guided imagery meditation based on a journey through the four worlds.
14:15- 15:30 A session in which we shall look deeper into the psyche and consider the influence of conditioning, the collective unconscious and the universal law of “what you sow you reap”.
16:00- 17:15 Questions, observations

Sunday, 30 Oct:
10:00- 11:15 “Heaven on earth” (Jo & Kurt Browne)
In this exercise of walking the Tree we seek to understand the qualities of the four worlds and how they integrate within us.
11:45- 13:00 (Magda van der Ende) In this session we shall study the sefirot as archetypes. In the world of Yezirah they represent psychological qualities. We will relate Biblical stories to the Tree in a way they connect to the psyche of the individual.
14:15- 15:30 (Magda van der Ende) Continuing on, in this part we will give special attention to some Biblical women and the sefirot. The information will be deepened by a meditation.
16:00- 17:15 (Magda van der Ende) Questions, observations

Cost and Booking
Around £300/ person (including course cost, flight and accommodation) based on 3 nights.
Course cost £80 per person, accommodation in the nearby fully equipped and centrally located apartments are from £30-35/ night (based on sharing a twin room), flight ticket varies (wizzair.com, easyjet.com, malev.hu, britishairways.com). Assistance with booking accommodation, flights and tickets is also happily provided.

To book the course please contact: Dalma 07712008689 or  dalmala@yahoo.co.uk