Kabbalah and the Feminine – London – September 1st 2018

Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 at 8:49 am topic - News.

The Divine Feminine, is present throughout the Bible but, as part of the oral Wisdom Tradition, she is hidden. She is meant to be hidden — to be discovered only by those who are ready to understand her power.
The development of the human soul is revealed throughout the Hebrew Testament in stories of love, hate, adultery, deception, betrayal, murder, compassion and redemption —a blockbuster told by more than 20 generations of feisty and powerful women, every one of whom still has something to teach us today.
Maggy will weave the story of Sophia, the feminine wisdom tradition from Shekhinah to Mary Magdalene through the filters of Kabbalah, history and social customs to see what we can still learn from the Matriarchs and Heroines today. Each of them is an archetype within us and can show us our strengths – and our shadow.

Maximum number: 10. Men are most welcome at this workshop – it is about the feminine not the female!

Location: Atlantis Book Shop, 49A Museum St London WC1A.
Date: Saturday 1st September 2018.

Cost: £50. Enquiries and booking: Email: atlantis@theatlantisbookshop.com . Tel: 0207 405 2120.