Halevi – Netherlands – May 24-25, 2014

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Workshop: A Kabbalistic View of History
Saturday and Sunday 24th & 25th May 2014 with Ze’v ben Shimon Halevi
Course language: English
History is personal to our own lives, and yet collectively we also carry with us the history of humanity and the world. We are constantly engaged, from incarnation to incarnation, upon the wheel of life and death, with our personal and collective past. That past which provides us with knowledge on our inner journey from ignorance towards true knowledge. As we become more conscious of ourselves, and the world, we become closer to participating in the course of our future, which will be the history of tomorrow. Such is the responsibility of the kabbalist.

This weekend is to reflect on one’s inner state of being and to learn about the vast epochs in the history of the world and humanity. Warren Kenton (Halevi) will guide us along this pathway into the past through theory and practice in order to experience the tremendous influence of history in the world of today and our personal lives.

Location: conference centre “Samaya”, Hollendewagenweg 20, 3985 SG Werkhoven, The Netherlands

  • How to get there: go to www.samaya.nl/html/route.html
  • Dates and times: Saturday 10.00-17.00, Sunday 10.00- 16.00 (please arrive on time).
  • Cost: 140 euro for the whole weekend including lunch, paid into the bank account of Mw. van der Meer- Mw. de Pijper, Bunnik nr: 9285835 please mention “kabbalah weekend”.
  • Reservations workshop: by email: mikebais@rocketmail.com until the 1ste of May 2014. (Voor de Nederlandse cursisten is het noodzakelijk om minimaal 2 weken van tevoren betaald te hebben). Please let us know if you have special dietary requirements.
  • For any other questions use the above email address to contact Mike Bais.

• Places to stay. (Please make your own arrangements)
• Samaya : tel. 0343-552332, email: info@samaya.nl and receptie@samaya.nl website: www.samaya.nl
• “De Expeditie”, Amersfoort, tel. 033-4753001. Mail: expeditiecc@zonnet.nl website: www.antenna.nl/expeditie

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