Kabbalah Society Videos Releases 2 new videos

Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2012 at 3:49 pm topic - Bookshop News, Video News.

The Kabbalah Society Videos site has added 2 new videos to the 2010 Summer School Lecture series today.
We have decided to start releasing early edits of all videos in order to provide more content.
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Added February 12th 2012 New Rough Videos

Elementals – Lectures, Nature Walk, Questions and Answers

A short lecture followed by a visit to the local wood to experience the etheric aspect of Nature. Followed by observations, questions and answers. Approximately 40 minutes. Added Feb. 12 2012 Rough Video.

Play Elementals

Humanity – Lectures, Questions and Answers

This session lecture considers the levels of humanity. Followed by questions and answers. Approximately 90 minutes. Added Feb. 12 2012 Rough Video.

Play Humanity

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