Bristol UK – Dream of the Cosmos – Anne Baring – November 15, 2014

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In association with the Toledano Tradition

A Day with Anne Baring

The Dream of the Cosmos:
Awakening to the Divine Feminine and the Soul

This Day as a whole is about discovering a new image of what it means to be human, no longer as a fallen species in need of redemption by a Saviour but an awakened species, aware of a new and conscious role as the servant of this planet and the Cosmos. This awakening was heralded by the teaching of the great visionaries of the past, and is happening now as we face the greatest crisis and the greatest challenge our species has ever had to face. It will address three fundamental questions: Who are we? Why are we here on this planet? How, through understanding our past and reconnecting with the Feminine, can we free ourselves from the need to repeat the traumas created by our past and present unconscious behaviour?

Saturday November 15th 2014
at the Harry Crook Theatre, Colston’s School, Bell Hill, Bristol BS16 1BJ from 9.30am to 5.00pm

10.00 – 11.20 The Great Mother and the Lunar Era

11.20 – 11.40 Coffee Break

11.40 – 1.00 The Great Father and the Solar Era

1.00 – 2.00 Lunch break

2.00 – 3.20 Awakening to the Divine Feminine and the Soul

3.20 – 3.40 Tea break

3.40 – 5.00 The Indwelling Spirit and the Great Work of Alchemy

Synopsis of Talks
1. The Great Mother and the Lunar Era: Original Participation
Our conscious rational mind has evolved out of the matrix of nature and beyond that, out of the matrix of cosmic life. In the first or lunar phase of this journey, we felt contained within the life of the Great Mother who was identified with the whole Cosmos. Life was a Sacred Order where Nature was experienced as a theophany. The origins of the idea of an ensouled harmonious Cosmos and the Oneness of life descend from this era.

2. The Great Father and the Solar Era: Separation and Dissociation
The gradual separation of the developing conscious ego from the deeper matrix of instinct; its effects and its shadow aspect reflected in mythology in the image of the Dragon. Rise of the Patriarchal Religions and the worship of the Great Father; the loss of divine immanence with the eradication of all traces of Animism. The influence of two very powerful myths: the myth of the Battle between Light and Dark, Good and Evil and the myth of the Fall of Man.

3. Awakening to the Divine Feminine and the Soul
Moving from fear to relationship. The message of the greatest spiritual teachers about the oneness and indivisibility of life. View of our planet from the moon. Definition of the Feminine as a totally different perspective on life: the rise of the environmental movement; the emancipation of women; rebalancing the masculine and the feminine in ourselves and in our culture. The definition of the Soul as an invisible Field or Web of Life underlying physical reality. The immortality of the soul and the existence of our subtle body.

4. The Indwelling Spirit and the Great Work of Alchemy: Final Participation
The three principal stages of the evolution of consciousness: Lunar, Solar and Stellar. Growing towards Stellar Consciousness. Alchemy and the transmutation of our understanding of life; opening our eyes to a different vision of reality and our own innate divinity as inhabitants and servants of the Cosmos. Re-integrating mind, soul and body. Moving to a new image of God or Spirit as present in all cosmic life and all levels of reality. The Dream of the Cosmos and our unlived potential as conscious co-creators with and servants of the Divine Ground.

To register for this event please contact Katherine Baines (see below) who will email you the banking details. When you have registered you can either pick up a ticket from 10 Canynge Road, Clifton, BS8 3JX or send an s.a.e. Cash on the day is not acceptable as the caterers need to know the numbers in advance. My email address is We will open registration at the venue on the day at 9.15am, to allow everyone to be seated by 9.45am. Lunch + tea and coffee are included the price of £22.00

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