Kabbalah: School of the Soul (Revised edition)

School of the Soul

Revised Edition

Esoteric Organisations

The School of the Soul applies kabbalistic principles to the study of esoteric organisations. This book is about the complexities and subtleties of old and new schools, the laws that govern them, and what to expect and avoid. These themes include modes of discipline, stages of development and the flowering and decline of esoteric schools, as well as the role of the teacher. Examples are given of individual progress, crises and initiations, as well as a description of how to create a school of the soul for our time. In this revised edition there are many new diagrams and images that enhance the original text.
310 pages
ISBN: 978-1-909171-39-8 - Softback
ISBN: 978-1-909171-08-4 - Hardback
Author: Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

‘I wish I had read this book years ago! It contains a wealth of useful information about the life-cycle of a school.’Amazon review

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